Originally industrial paint Robots were large and expensive but, today the
TM ROBOTICS have come down to the point that general industry can afford to have the same level of automation that only big manufacturer could once afford. TM Robotics is expert in ROBOTS AND TURNKEY SOLUTIONS FOR AUTOMATIC PAINTING.

With CMA ROBOTICS exclusive partners we designs, produces and installs the widest robots and painting plants range available in the market today and it supplies complete solutions from planning to the integration. Besides for each anthropomorphous robot or painting plant, TM Robotics manages, along with the customer, the whole integration painting system phase into the final plant.

It assures advanced technology: human skills and automatic operation. Thanks to the self-learning programming, the control computer stores the user’s movements and it repeat them at the desired speed.

Moreover, the following programming are used for different uses: point to point, self-generating through sophisticated artificial vision systems, OFF LINE plus various software for other varnishing application.

A wide range, twenty-year experience, professionalism, full service, total reliability and high level technology: these are the distinctive features that make our company the reference company in the robots and painting plants field.


Robot 4 Axes


Robot 5 Axes


The newest TM-CMA ROBOTS are accurate and deliver result with uniform film builds and exact thicknesses on the product. We have the widest offer of anthropomorphous robots and designs, produces and installs machines and complete plants for the automatic painting of the materials like wood, plastic, metal, sanitary ware, and still others.

These anthropomorphous robots have been conceived for the automatic painting and studied for every application sector as wood, plastic, metal, sanitary ware, fabric, etc. These are very simple 5-axes models, even if extremely fast, with direct self-learning programming or very sophisticated 6-axes models model with point to point or self-learning or off line programming or external self-generating systems.

In the direct self-learning programming, the user drives manually, through a joystick, the robot in a complete spraying cycle over a sample. The computer control stores all the paths and commands received; in order to be able later to repeat them faithfully with the desired speed. This method makes very easy the use of the robot because, during the sample parts processing, it is possible to check the program on progress and any eventual error can be correct easily. So, it’s very useful to varnish complex-shape pieces.

TM Robotics guarantee the certification for use in potentially explosive areas as per ATEXAtex – norms


Besides the robots, CMA Robotics is able to provide a wide range of accessories that can be integrated with the same robots or the plants in which they are integrated. In this way we can assure a complete supply with high quality.


TM Robotics linear units are translation movement units; they can be used to enlarge the robot working area. The driving of the linear unit is integrated into the control robot as 7th interpolated axes; for this reason a further control is not necessary. It may used as simple robot positioner to permit to paint on different locations; the position is stored in the painting program, thus the shift can come in automatic way.

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The lifting units are vertical movement devices; they can be used to enlarge the working area for big sizes pieces with vertical development. The driving of the linear unit is integrated into the control robot as 7th interpolated axis; for this reason a further control is not necessary.

It may used as simple robot positioner to permit painting on different locations; the position is stored in the painting program, thus the shift can come in a automatic way. The units are arranged to hosts the operator safety in order to make the work cycles programming.

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The positioners are used to load and download the pieces in a safety area; they are made by the interpolated piece rotation piece axis and the carousel rotation axis.

The rotating positioner for big sizes pieces allows the load/download in a safety area and it can be integrated with automatic load systems, automatic piece reading systems and adjustable piece support unit.

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Off-Line Painting Program – off-line program generating system

The program generation over personal computer The off-line system is a program that allows to develop and verify the painting program made by the robot. The system starts with a 3d model of the piece, on which are put the painting points; later, they will fix the paths carried out by the robot. Moreover, the program manages all the gun painting parameters with the aim to obtain the desired color; a rendering system with different colors will show the varnish quantity in each point of the piece to be paint. The software uses the same interface located on the robot controller and it includes a manual instructions on line with suggestions about its abilities. Once it is saved, the program is sent to the robot, to be processed as a real painting program; at the same time, the programs performed on the robot can be visualized by the software for any further changed and thus reloaded over the robot.


  • Programming without stopping the production
  • Process real simulation
  • Easy training to the robots programming use
  • Same robot interface and function
  • Production increase

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Over the years, TM ROBOTICS has given valid answers to the customers inquiries, studying, evaluating and simulating ad hoc solutions; this has guaranteed a perfect meeting among us and the need of the final user. Following we provide you a selection of the solutions more innovative developed during the years; they have been studied to give an answer to specific case, resulting of general interest due to the market common needs.


Doors /Windows / Tables / Furniture /Diassembled pieces/ Chairs

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motorcycles / bicycles frames/car components/metal containers/car wheels

electrical cabinets/trucks cabs/pumps / valves / engines/farming vehicles

industrial washing machines/domestic appliances/fireplacesetal

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Television sets/car components/computers/mobile phonesi/glasses/car bumpers
Domestic appliances/motorcycle components/polyurethane items/helmets/toys

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Bathroom fixtures glazing/pottery

Video :   Link1


Traffic signals/tv satellite dishes/radiators/kitchen range hoods/metal/cd boxes
Metal structures/farming vehicles/forklifts

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Spraying reinforcing resin/spraying glue/fiberglass application/nonstick application over
Moulds/tableware teflon coatings/fabric spraying/glass painting/polyurethane
Painting/sinks insulating


TM ROBOTICS service is supported by Mangano Team, an italian team who can assist you for any kind of assistance; the customer talks directly with the person (technician o engineer) that has followed the whole matter or who knows the installed machine perfectly.

This system avoids any waste of time and, on the other hand, settle the found trouble promptly; with the remote assistance, we can check and make a change or modify or updating make of the installed software.

You can talk directly to the service manager who will find a solution or will arrange a intervention on your factory at the soonest.


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